Together in solitude

Zlatko Dizdarevic


To us in Sarajevo the news means just one thing: our friend Adriano Sofri for a long time will not come to visit us. We needn't explaining to anyof those who resisted in Sarajevo who Adriano Sofri is. Especially for the young ones he was the proof that both justice and friends from all over the world are not a make-believe. Today someone has told us that, in the name of justice, he cannot come back to Sarajevo. I do not know which justice he violated. However Italy is a country that knows the meaning of justice, thus I hope that one day his problem will be solved. But if it is true that , in the name of justice , Adriano Sofri is imprisoned and cannot come to Sarajevo I can just say that no justice exists for the people of Sarajevo.

We know very well that the idea of justice in Sarajevo, in the last five years, has been completely different from the one accepted in the rest ofthe world. We have thought that justice serves simple people and not great theories and great principles. We have understood that Adriano Sofri became a Sarajevo citizen simply because he has shared our own senseof justice. We were happy when we read his articles or we saw on TV his polemic battles with Italian politicians. However reading articles and watching TV has been a privelege of only a restricted circle of Bosnians.The children of Sarajevo like Fadil, like the ones that live around the market place, people like Nadira and Kanita, did not read or watch TV, but they knew anyway that Adriano is the evident proof that our vision of justice is true without any doubt. I remember the 1994 winter when children of Sarajevo who had never seen a coke or sweets, could drink real coke and taste real sweets that Adriano was able to find them out of nowhere. I remember the day when he checked sizes for jeans and tennis shoesfor the same children. He never broke a promise, he has always kept hisword: on his next trip there were jeans and tennis shoes. I still remember that trip because I was there myself on the small white Uno with Edo. We went along Mount Igman track on a day when nobody else dared to venture. They shooted at us with the small machine-guns of the anti-aircraft artillery, the car was hit. When we arrived in Hrasnica, at the end ofthe track, Adriano was near the destroyed car and said something absolutely incredible: "I hope the jeans and the tennis shoes have not been damaged".

Sarajevo lost the war because our idea of justice and humanity was dishonoured by a philosophy based on interest and selfishness. For this reason we, the fighters of Sarajevo, are formally free but will be prisoners until the end of our lives. Adriano was one of us, with his humaniy and dignity. We thought he should stay in Sarajevo with a Bosnian passport and a responsible position, quite a natural thing to do both for him and for us. He denied this suggestion, he wanted to go on and fight for his ideasand his principles in his own country.

Unfortunately exactly like us who have lost the war, he too has lost his war in Italy. We ask nothing for him, we kwow he wouldn't like that: he taught us the beauty of generous free actions. Without Adriano Sofri Italyneeds re-examining herself. Without Adriano Sofri, Sarajevo will be a sad town. Only one thing can console us: we'll be together in this solitude.

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